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There was a bit of confusion about breakfast when we arrived as the free breakfast that was supposed to included was not in our reservation. A quick trip to reception with proof that breakfast is included in our reservation cleared up the issue. The lesson is to always get what you are entitled to in writing. Since we had an early tour, the Neve restaurant would not be open in time for breakfast. As such, we negotiated room service for our free breakfast the first day. You can order through the Four Seasons app which was a little glitchy, but might have been because of the slow wifi.

We then headed out and hopped in the waiting taxi to get to the starting point for the hike. After a short wait for the other couple joining us on the tour, we started out with our guide Lee. The hike started normal, but turned into more of a climbing experience about 1/3 of the way in. We were in the clouds, so the trail was very muddy. There were ropes tied to roots and trees to help out with the climb. This was definitely the most strenuous hike I had ever been on. It was basically like climbing a slippery ladder for about 1.5 hours.

When we got to the top, we were completely in the clouds. Luckily, the clouds cleared up for a minute or two and we were able to get sweeping views of the island.

After a brief rest for snacks and water, we began our descent. Going down was definitely easier than coming up. Still harrowing, but definitely not as exhausting. Just before reaching the bottom, we got slammed with a massive downpour. At least it was refreshing after an exhausting hike.

Throughout the tour, Lee was very helpful and pointed out some of the flora and fauna along the way. I would definitely recommend the tour if you are in pretty good shape. Just know it is much more strenuous than a normal hike and you are going to get very muddy.

We cleaned up and then went to lunch at the cabana restaurant on the resort. Lunch was not priced too unreasonably and the food was good. I had a caribbean pizza with beans, corn, and jerk chicken and Sam had a chicken caesar salad.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach relaxing and recovering from the hike.

For dinner, we walked down the beach again and ate at the Turtle Time bar. The food was good here as well. I had a fish sandwich and Sam had shrimp pasta. I did not really have a favorite between the two restaurants (Sunshine’s and Turtle Time) and they were priced about the same.

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