We love to travel! That’s the long and short of it. I (Brian) work as a software engineer and my wife (Samantha) is a nurse. While our jobs limit our ability to travel somewhat, we take full advantage of holidays and long weekends.

I’ve been traveling from a very young age. My family frequently went on road trips to US National Parks as well as international trips to France and England. To this day, we get together at Christmas at a destination (usually warm). Once I got to college, it was a given that I would study abroad. I ended up in Cambridge, England for a semester. With the 3.5 day weekends every week and 2 longer breaks, I was able to explore much of the English countryside and continental Europe. It’s definitely one of my fondest memories.

Since we’ve been together, we’ve taken trips to Disneyland, 2 cross-country Amtrak journeys, several Caribbean cruises, a honeymoon in French Polynesia, a Mediterranean cruise, and numerous weekend trips to US destinations. We really enjoy cruises, but often find private tours to have more authentic experiences.

I’ve gotten heavily into the miles and points games to make travelling a little more comfortable and affordable. It started with a dive into the flyertalk forums, and a few credit card applications later, I was hooked. Unfortunately, I believe I have spoiled Samantha a bit too much as she has informed me that any flight over six hours must be in business class. She’s never had the pleasure of Ryanair economy. Maybe some day.